Larry Sims

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Hello and welcome to my website

Hi! Have you ever given serious thought about what life is all about?  Have you ever wondered why things are the way they are? Oh, perhaps you have read portions of Holy books like the Bible or even managed to read a best seller like the Purpose Driven Life or something by Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins or even John Maxwell.  However, do you feel like you’ve been able to put it all together and have it make sense even as you find yourself in the waning years of your life? 

   If you’re over 50, how are things going for you financially, professionally, relationally, spiritually?  How’s your health?  Oh, I don’t just mean you’re only on a few meds or have avoided the ‘A’ ‘C’ and ‘D’ diseases- no, let me ask this: do you have any energy, can you move your body like you did when you were in your late 20s or early 30s?  How active are you?  How positive is your mindset?

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