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Larry Sims

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Larry Sims and I believe I have a story to tell, especially for you guys who have passed 50 or 60 and are feeling like you never really lived life or you’ll never get a second chance at it. Oh, do I have some good news for you! But that is actually going to depend a LOT upon you. A very famous itinerant preacher who lived in the area of Jerusalem some 2000 years ago said, “Let him who has ears, hear.”

My friend, do you have ears to hear? If you are feeling like your life is almost over and you don’t have anything to contribute, may I tell you plainly that it is quite possible that the second half of your life will be better than the first…I say that totally without reservation but a lot will depend on what you’re willing to do to get back a good portion of your youthful vigor and mental acuity. I am looking forward to telling you how it happened for me. No gimmicks- absolutely none- just time-tested principles and some things you may not be aware of.  Interested?  Stay tuned, and I will gladly share some of the most outstanding resources that became available to me…that I proactively availed myself of and that have made all the difference at this point in my life. My one and only question for you now is, “Will you join me?”

For those who are saying yes, let the journey begin!

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