Why I’m Writing This

          Surely there will be people who know me or know of me who might well say, “Larry, aren’t you being a little negative here, a little judgmental?  Aren’t you supposed to be a Christian… would Jesus do this?”

       And my answer to them would be quite simple: If you don’t point out people’s sin, if you don’t get them to admit that there is a problem, then there is absolutely no impetus for change. no repentance and true change can take place, and there is a lot of sin to point out right now in America in the realm of government, corporations, entertainment, education, etc. as well as other foreign parties involved in bringing about the demise of our great Republic.  In the longer recorded healings and sermons Jesus gave to both individuals and groups, he nearly always made clear where the person’s or collective group’s sin or misunderstanding about spiritual things were.  Needless to say I am not Jesus and it’s wrong to assume that we are in the place of knowing and doing what Jesus would do at any given moment.  Lastly let us recognize that we are all sinners- ‘there is no one righteous, no not one, there is no one who seeks for God, all have turned away, their feet are swift to shed blood and the way of peace they do not know- ruin and misery mark their ways- the poison of vipers is under their tongues’ …the Bible does not paint a rosy picture about the human condition, male or female, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic…. we all have major issues.

   Nevertheless, we have never seen such deception, manipulation, misuse of power, greed, siphoning of tax money, backroom deals and preposterous ideas that make Hollywood movies look sane! Therefore, a little Jonathan Swift tongue-in-cheek for our audience might help wake up even more Americans to begin to put all the pieces together and be willing to hold accountable those who intend such grievous harm upon us and our children and grandchildren- plots to be accomplished ironically, with our own tax dollars.

A is for Afghanistan, and all our fellow Americans and Allies this feckless Administration Abandoned

B is for the Border crisis and Biden’s Boorish and perverted Behavior.

C is for mass Corruption and the Climate Change debacle where Joe took Air Force One and some 85 vehicles creating a massive carbon-footprint waste, only to fall asleep once he arrived at the Glascow Conference!

C is also for Corona virus politicization, CRT, and Censorship, all thanks to the Socialist/Communist agenda. Let’s just give the Clintons honorable mention here because it would take at least two pages to list all their ‘stellar accomplishments’. Where is that list of the Clinton Dead again?

D is for Disastrous Democrat policies too many to name and Defund the police idiocy.  Will the Dems ever wake up themselves and discover that the average American HAS woken up and will no longer support their insane spending sprees as we and our kids suffer!  We Demand bodily autonomy and fair elections to name a few, and you ‘leaders’ are accountable to us!

D is also for Deep State.  There are a great number of wicked people behind the scenes planning our Demise as a Constitutional Republic, the greatest country ever founded on this earth. This is not a conspiracy theory- the truth has been trickling out, is now a stream, but will soon become a river then a tsunami.

E is for Empty shelves and Eighty-five Billion dollars worth of top military equipment Joe left for the Taliban and Communist Chinese

F is for Failed Foreign Policy, Fake news media, phony-Tony Fauci, and greedy Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer who love money Far more than helping people. F is also for the Four hundred patriots being detained in a holding facility without bail and a trial by Joe’s authoritarian government simply for being at the Capitol on January 6 and expressing their First-Amendment rights to Free speech. I can personally attest to the setup by the FBI, Pelosi, BLM, Antifa, the Capitol Hill police and Mayor Bowser. F is also for the Fourteen Thousand hours of video surveillance that Judicial Watch was finally able to pry out of the hands of the Capitol Hill police through FOIA.  Ray Epps name will become more and more prominent as both an FBI informer and key instigator of the violence inside the Capitol.

Lastly is there any wonder why we also hear “F* Joe Biden!” both here and abroad?!

G is Green, Green, Green!– the New Green Deal that is the based on poor science and corporate Greed.  Massive windmills made in China and Germany do far more harm to the environment than any Good they produce, and yet like so much that is going on in the name of ‘saving’ us, it is actually doing the opposite!

G also is for Gates, Bill, we can’t forget you and all your ‘hard work at managing the global population’. How many countries are you no longer welcome in? You seem to take a devilish delight in reducing world population while you and the CCP buy up farmland in America.

G is also for Gain of Function- but we want to credit Tony Fauci with that one- Tony, is it possible for you to go through a whole day without lying at all?

H is for the Hypocrisy of the Left- they are  the perpetrators of racial division- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated that he wanted his little girls to grow up in an America where they “would be judged not on the color of their skin but rather on the content of their character.” When ANY person of color stands up for conservatism or against their radical policies, that person is immediately branded as an ‘Uncle Tom’ or a ‘white racist in a black body’ or some other total nonsense.  AOC says that there ‘will be blood on our hands’ for not passing their ridiculous New Green Deal while the Dems have championed the legal murdering of some 70 million children in America through abortion, and the irony is that a majority of them were black!  The same for Black Lives Matter- the black lives don’t really matter if the parents don’t want them to.  If they changed their name to All Black Babies Lives Matter we might give them some credibility. Oh, Patrice Khan Cullors, co-founder of this Marxist movement- how many million-dollar homes have you bought now? Was it 4? so glad to see all that money is going to helping Black folk all over the country!  I’m sure you intend to invite them over once you settle in- that is, if they voted for Biden’s Marxist policies.

H is also for the hypocrisy of Antifa- supposedly Anti Facist, yet they employ Facist principles of creating death and destruction in the name of supposedly opposing what they themselves do!

H is also for Hunter Biden- Hunter and his laptops, Hunter and his artwork, Hunter and his emails, Hunter and all the little Chinese girls he so violently abused!

I is Inflation, the Iran Deal, the Durham Indictments, and International Disgrace, all owing to Joe and Company.

I is also for Incentivizing laziness by giving people who agree with your policies the taxpayer money of those who do not. Enough said here.

J is for Joe and Jill went up the Hill!  Between Biden, Pelosi, the Clintons, Obama, Schumer, Leahy, Feinstein, Maxine Waters, and other Dem notables there must be nearly a millennia of ‘service’ to our country! This is not to mention just how wealthy all these people have become both during and after they leave office.  Someone noted well in regards to looking at the tax records of Donald Trump- “We don’t need to look at the tax records of millionaires who become politicians, but rather we need to look at the tax records of politicians who become millionaires!”

J even more importantly is the Jeopardy that Hillary Clinton put our lives in while Secretary of State under Obama by putting classified information on her personal server, the Jeopardy of having the Clintons give 20+% of our uranium to the Russians for $25 million in campaign donations, the Jeopardy Joe Biden, Eric Swalwell, et al have put our lives by colluding with the Chinese Communist Party and their many spies who live on our soil….’foreign and domestic’!

J is also for Junk science- the kind the NIH, the FDA, the WHO, the CDC, the EPA and all those other alphabet-soup agencies resort to to push their agenda or cover their behinds.

K is for Killed- how many people have been Killed by junk science, numbers manipulation, paying hospitals more money for documenting Covid deaths, urban deaths by ‘woke’ youth, and the lying, fake news media. (We’ll get to them in a minute.)

K is also for Kamala Harris- who??- Oh, yeah, she did that awful NASA ‘PR’ piece with Kids who were paid actors to talk about space when she couldn’t even visit the Border down south that she was tasked to oversee. Oh, let me be politically correct- am I aloud to point out that the border is ‘South’ or is that a racist term?  Right, and she was in Vietnam honoring the antiaircraft crew that shot down John McCain’s plane- that’s her- representing women of color well, all over the world!

K is also for the Kids- kids living in cages and piled on top of one another, totally prey for Coyotes and other pedophiles that our current administration is so intent on ‘protecting’.  Yes, can’t wait till Sound of Freedom comes out and we can all learn how Human Trafficking is now more lucrative than arms smuggling, and we’re seeing it played out all over the world before our very eyes!

L is Lies, Lies, Lies!  Lies from Biden, Peppermint Patty Psaki, the Dems, from the RINOs, from the Fake News media, from Fauci, from Gates, from many world leaders, and let’s not forget our school boards… so is Critical Race Theory real or not?  In this relative age, I guess it doesn’t matter!

L is also for Lawsuits- they are coming fast and hard at this derelict administration for its Litany of Lies and Lackluster performance- Let’s Go Brandon!!

M is for Mandates- autocratic Mandates that so much of corporate America is just jumping on board with- wonder how much Money some of these CEOs etc. are getting??  Hmmm.. could that be why so many are starting to resign?  Oh, and M is for MONEY- a true form of idolatry that will lead a Multitude of people in this generation straight to Hell.  Don’t believe in Hell- it doesn’t matter- like gravity it exists whether you believe in it or not! The most misquoted verse in the Bible is I Timothy 6:10 but let’s not forget verse 9 which leads up to it;

“But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction.

For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many a pang.”  I Timothy 6:9-1

M is also for Medical Malfeasance and there is a LOT of that going on right now and a day of reckoning for these doctors and administrators who have abandoned the Hippocratic Oath is coming.

M lastly is for Morality- clearly the Left sees no problem is lying, taking bribes, brutalizing and dispensing with people that don’t fit their agenda.  If any of these things happen to them or someone they actually care about they cry ‘Foul!’ But the Bible makes it clear that God has written these things both in the Ten Commandments and on people’s hearts so that all will be held accountable.

N is for NO common sense. Also for Nothing that Biden and Harris have done has benefitted the average American citizen at all. Time will show that the belief system of these people is bankrupt and along with Obama and the Clintons their names will live in infamy. It’s iNcredible to think that the average law-abiding, tax-paying citizen is now a second-class citizen in his own country, yes right here in America the Left is giving much, much more to illegals and making us pay for it!

N is also for the News Media- the Fake News Media has done more to disseminate disinformation, twist the facts, promulgate lies, foster division and hate… they have almost lost total credibility with the majority of Americans. They also have Blood on their hands for they deliberately pushed for the 2020 stolen election, the ‘nothing to see here- these are mostly peaceful protests’ while blacks who didn’t vote the right way could conveniently be killed by other blacks with nothing said;  the ridiculously exaggerated claims of police brutality, the insane ranting that Donald Trump was a racist when we have very little evidence of his being more of a racist than any one of us- in fact, I would argue less so.  Trump did more to turn America around by making us energy independent, militarily strong, respected by other nations, lowest unemployment rate amongst minorities, got us out of bad trade deals, promoted religious freedom and freedom of speech, etc. etc. He garnered the highest support among black voters, Hispanics, Asians, than any other conservative candidate in recent memory. Yet he was hated by the elite and their mouthpiece media, much of it bought up by CCP-owned Chinese companies. Hmmm… wonder if there is a correlation….?

The fake news media stood in front of burning houses and told us ‘it was mostly peaceful’ and on Nov 4 last year that 689,000 votes being tallied in the middle of the night for Joe Biden while only 3,200 coming in for Donald Trump in the same time period in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was not suspect.  Despite over 1,000 whistleblowers coming forward to speak about the election anomalies and cheating, not one to my knowledge got a fair interview by our reliable press. “The most secure election in voter history!” And of late we have the nonsense about the border patrol using their whips on illegals when there is no evidence of it, and please let’s not forget how we need to keep telling people they have no right to challenge school boards over the teaching of their own kids, and how anyone who challenges them should indeed be regarded as ‘a domestic terrorist’!

O is for open borders, which makes no sense at all.  Tear down a country’s borders and it no longer has sovereignty.  And the great irony is that all these proponents of no wall (and even weak-minded pastors who say ‘we must build bridges not walls’ and somehow forgot about the book of Nehemiah) have built walls around their homes- with lots of security at taxpayers’ expense!

O is also for Obama- clearly one who accelerated us down this disastrous Socialist/Communist pathway- the One who promised us ‘Change, change, change’ without ever defining it as Americans were deceived enough to give him two full terms while he pontificated about getting a ‘third term’ in office… where he could ‘carry out things on his computer in his pajamas in the basement’ which may indeed be what we’re seeing with cognitively-challenged Joe not in charge.

P is for the Pandemic or ‘Plandemic’ as many are now calling it, for now we see Fauci and others took out patents for both the Coronavirus as well as the vaccines! Much more will come out on that soon we know since Fauci has backtracked again and again on much of what he had said.

P is also for Paying illegals $450,000 each for the ‘Pain’ of being separated from their families when the first thing they did was to break the law by coming here illegally!

P is also for Pain at the Pump– owing all again to Papa Joe dismantling all President Trump had done to make us energy independent- Joe just nixed that Keystone Pipeline first day in office and has been begging the Middle East for more oil but they have refused repeatedly. Way to go, Joe!

Q is for Quarantines, Questions, and LGBTQ… and we’re not sure how many more letters we’re supposed to add there.  I don’t even care to begin to address these- you see what has been happening and you can ask yourself if you want our country to head on this way.

R is for RINO Republicans, Remdesivir, and Red Wave Coming!  Sun Tzu said, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” Though I still struggle with the full meaning and wisdom of it, clearly RINO Republicans often cause more harm than the Leftist Dems. I used to be so naïve as to believe most Democrats were bad and most Republicans good.  Then I saw Kemp, Raffensberger, Kim Young and a number of people backstab Donald Trump for reasons only they and God know- however, we know who you are and we will follow the money. Just saw that 13 Republicans helped pass the 1.3 Trillion spending bill- we’ll remember you guys, too!

R is once again for the Racist Left- since they are obsessed with it and never call each other out on their own hypocrisy- “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black!”  This may one day be your epitaph, Joe!

R is for RED WAVE coming!  Yes, there is Good News in this alphabet dictionary and it will spell disaster for Biden and all his corrupt cronies… and even way beyond them, I am sure.

S is for Stolen election, Spygate, Supply-chain crisis, and Spending bill.  I think we have addressed some of these but maybe time for an expanded recap.

Anomalies on election night occurred on Nov 3-4 like we have never seen.  As many as 8 states were flipped from Red to Blue as horrific lawless actions occurred all over the country.  Voting machines connected to the internet, unsecure ballot boxes, more ballots returned than had been sent out, nursing home victims exploited, workers caught red-handed disposing of votes for Trump, legislators taking on duties that were delegated to other government entities, etc, etc.  Mike Lindell offered $5,000,000 dollars to anyone who could refute what he was saying and NO one took him up on the offer.  Rather he was physically assaulted at his hotel, so we see the fact that the Left is very nervous now about any of these states actually decertifying their electoral votes as more and more evidence of corruption comes forth.

S is also for Spygate, which will soon reveal mainly through the Durham Investigation just how all the nonsense collusion about ‘Trump and the Russians’ was paid for by Hillary Clinton and others.

S is also for Supply-chain crisis.  Great job, Joe, you and our buddy Gavin will have us here in SoCal all nice and hungry and without other necessities quite soon I’m sure- can’t even get an accurate number on the number of ships out in LA Harbor off San Pedro.  Our carefully censored media doesn’t want us to know, but about 3 weeks ago we heard it was 73. Thanks also to the unions and environmentalists- make sure only Union do it with trucks less than 3-years old- that’s all at the top of our priority lists right now!  And Christmas… I guess we’ll just skip it for this year!

T is for Trillions wasted in Taxes on utterly useless things like the New Green Deal, Gender Issues in Pakistan; money sent to China, Iran, Russia and other counties who don’t necessarily have our best interest in mind, promotion of transgenderism and a host of other things virtually none of us will benefit from.  So glad you Dems are transparent- great to know our tax dollars are hard at work!

T is also for Time, TIME to stand up and say ‘Enough is enough”  !Basta! Is how it is said in Spanish, and now it is time to get off our butts, off our sofas, and get out to school board meetings, meetings to support local candidates who support OUR values, time to get more informed accurately about our history, our form of government and health issues.  TIME to get your supplies while you still can and stock up on any needed defensive measures.  It’s also time for Men to be MEN!  Stop worrying ‘what other people think’- I certainly don’t- and do what is right in the sight of God and man!  Time to join ACT for America, The America Project, Time to Free America, PACO, Basta! or some other worthy conservative cause.  This is how the Church should be involved in impacting the culture for Christ- yes share the Gospel, but also realize you will only share if from a prison cell if the Marxist Left keeps up these shenanigans. And lastly T is for Term LimiTs- definitely Time for Term limits.

U is for UNconstitutional- something that is going on incessantly with the Left- I could list pages of things here but Joe and Hunter’s business dealings with foreign governments and Joe’s vaccine mandates are just a few of the things that this president absolutely has no authority to do… and in fact much of what the Dems have been doing often borders on criminal and even treasonous.

U is also for Unvetted aliens coming into our country, being transported  to various cities throughout the country and having accommodations and food paid for with OUR  tax dollars while probably awaiting a power grid shutdown so they can raid our homes and carry out mayhem. Just ask the family of Francisco Javier Cuellar, who was murdered in his Florida home recently by an illegal Honduran immigrant posing as a teenager.  Great work, you people on the Left- way to protect your fellow Americans!

U is also for all those Unanswered questions at those Ugly, Ugly press conferences where the softball questions are delivered to Joe or his press secretary… quite unlike what President Trump and Kayleigh McEnany had to put up with from a media that was foaming at the mouth nearly every day for a shot at attacking President Trump, and who even refused to acknowledge their lies and omissions when presented right in front of their faces.

V is for the right to VOTE in a FAIR Election.  Apart from this, no Republic or Democracy can stand because corruption will immediately begin to take over.  People must have a valid ID and vote in person and we need to leave all of the machines out of it.  And Dems need to stop the patronizing nonsense that Black people can’t produce IDs for voting- they themselves resent the condescension! The Bible says it well in James 3:16 regarding the manipulators and those hungry for power: “For where you have selfish ambition and vain conceit, there you have disorder and every evil practice.”

V is also for Virus and ‘Vaccine’ but we have surely had enough of all this.  The CDC has changed the definition of ‘Vaccine’ themselves to somehow escape the carnage of what is to come when people really find out what is in them. A great irony is that many of the people who have been ‘Vaxxed’ with the jab are the very ones who have gotten the new Covid Variant! Those depending on natural and herd immunity are doing much better.  And the spread has largely been in the blue states utilizing all the precautions and not in the red states having few if no precautions!

W is for WE the people.  WE ARE the government!  – WE are to elect others to represent us Well, and when they don’t, it is our duty to replace them.

W is also for WAKE UP!  Wake up, fellow Americans!  The enemy is here, both foreign and domestic! Time for accountability of everyone who has conspired against the Constitution and America, even those alphabet-soup Deep-state players- FBI, CIA, NAS, WHO, CDC, NIH, et.al. who for some reason are undermining the basis of the very country they are supposed to be protecting. And no more of theWoke nonsense.  Trump said it correctly- ‘Everything woke turns to sh*t.’

X is for Xtreme failure on the part of those in office right now and the need for Xtremely hard work on the part of us who want to Make America Great Again! It starts with removing the evildoers and replacing them with the righteous.  “Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord!” “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” Prov 14:34

Y is for Youth and Yearning.  There is a Yearning in all of us who still have a receptive soul to do BETTER! The Young people understand this and unfortunately many of their desires to figure out why God made them, do amazing things and make the world a better place are quashed by atheistic socialist/Marxist teachers who seem to hate God and everything that is and has been great about America.  Is it any wonder then whY we are in this situation?

Y also stands for whY is the approval rating for Biden and Harris still in the high 30s?!

Z is for Zeal and Zero.  If we don’t produce some ZEAL and realiZe it is OUR country and WE get to take a significant part in shaping it, it will continue on to becoming a Zero.  I don’t know about you but I opt for the former choice!

Hope you enjoyed a recap on the English alphabet.  Maybe your friends, family and kids will learn something from it too. May God continue to bless and spare America!