July 4, November 11, November 22, December 7, December 25, April 30, June 4, June 6, Sept “9”/11, January 6… Isn’t it amazing that if you are a ‘real’ American who actually pays attention to history- even if you were bad with dates, you could probably assign a year to every one of these month-day combinations… (perhaps with the exception of Christmas) and many would even remember where they were when they heard of JFK’s assassination, the fall of Saigon, the 9/11 attacks, and most recently the so-called ‘Insurrection’ at the Capitol Building. We live in a time/space continuum- to be unaware of either ‘when’ or ‘where’ could have devastating consequences. How many car accidents happen ‘in a split second’? How many sports events or risky activities miss the mark by a foot or even an inch or less?

Some events impact our lives in a greater way than others. I know men in our church who not only heard the broadcast of the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 but actually served in the war! Bob just turned a ripe ol’ 97 the other day and still wears a cap saying “I survived the Battle of the Surigao Strait”. Being a major buff of the Pacific War, I could easily relate to his being responsible for a 20mm antiaircraft gunmount on the port fore side of the battleship USS Maryland. I was honored to meet him for the first time. Bob is Caucasian ‘white’, not that should matter.

About three years ago another gentleman in a Souplantation (no longer in business thanks to global pandemic fiasco)- Black/African American- not that this should really matter- who was wearing a Tuskegee cap. I was greatly honored to shake this nonagenarian’s hand and immediately ask his name and thank him for his aerial combat service in defending our bombers over Europe and serving our great Republic in the same war as Bob served in. I am well aware of what Blacks, Koreans, Nissei (second generation Americans of Japanese ancestry who fought in WW2 in the European Campaign) and the Windtalkers of the Navajo tribe had to put up with! It was sometimes ugly and disgusting but these great heroes overcame both the dangers of the war and some nasty prejudices as exemplified in Farewell to Manzanar, The Red Tails and Windtalkers. But they prevailed. And the Pentagon learned that they were very capable of making a solid contribution to the defense and serving of America.

However, there are a number of factions of a very un-American persuasion right now on our streets, in our public arena, in our schools, and on our media who are trying to force us to divide on the basis of our color, age, religion, sexuality, etc. They are preying on our youth’s dumbed-down knowledge of history and very much utilizing the technique of virtue signaling. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Critical Race Theory proponents, the NEA are just a few of the pro-Marxist groups seeking to destroy the very fabric and history of our country. They deface and topple monuments even honoring Abraham Lincoln, which tells any thinking person that this really is not about racial injustice. This is Marxist doctrine being enacted as anyone from Vietnam, Venezuela or Cuba can attest to.

These factions are not only very unbalanced and deceptive in most cases in the views they present, but are actually dangerous to our continued existence as a Republic. Yes, we are a Republic, not a democracy. We submit to laws, not the whims of the majority, or worse, who the media tell us the majority is. In addition, our Founding Fathers believed that laws should not be changed for fleeting reasons. There are extremely significant differences between a Republic and a Democracy, and our Founders utterly disdained the thought of our becoming the latter.

The second matter I want to deal with is that of race. The problem of race could be solved in about five minutes with every human on the planet if two things happened. The first is the recognition that we are sinners (people who miss the mark of perfection) and are inclined to do many terrible things based on the corruption that stems from both our hearts and minds…(it’s not systemic racism, it’s systemic sin!) This is abundantly clear according to the Bible and doesn’t even take a Christian or person of any faith to see that there is some kind of fundamental problem with themselves and everyone they know. That’s our sin condition- ‘sin’ (hamartia in the Greek) and Jesus came to sacrifice Himself on the cross to fix that problem. Of course this requires our receiving His sacrifice personally for us and submitting to His Lordship- the best thing we could possibly do… doing so makes it all somehow undeniably real. The second critical recognition that all need to make is so simple a 7-year old could understand it… drumroll please!

No one ever chose to come into the world, picked his/her parents, skin color, siblings, first language, country of birth, national identity, gender, etc. And in fact the Bible is extremely clear on the matter that only Jesus Christ broke this pattern and became preeminent here… in other words, He pre-existed His birth and chose to come into the world to bring us salvation. What possible right do we have to judge one another person on these superficial issues- in other words how DARE we judge others whom God- by a kind of ‘mini’ Divine Fiat- chose to bring into the world?! No one living on this planet is an accident, no matter how they got here. This recognition, coupled with surrender to Christ I am convinced would dramatically advance our love and understanding for others of a different skin color or language background, for we are all essentially in the same boat with regard to our need of a Savior-we need to be saved on a daily basis from ourselves- our corrupt nature. But what about ‘gender’ and ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘self-identification’ you may ask? Those topics will be addressed at a later time, but I guarantee you there are well-reasoned answers for them.

So, time to address the elephant in the room. I beg your indulgences for the accent and drawl- I just wanted to throw in some humor.

“How ‘bout ‘dose pictures I saw of yU at Washington, DeeCee- looks like you was ‘ere on Januwary 6 of ‘dis year… you ain’t some kind of ‘domestic terrorist’, are YOU??”

So glad you asked! Let the record be made clear:

YES, I was there with about another million PATRIOTS, not ‘Trump supporters/loyalists’ as the media is fond of calling us, per se… isn’t the Left so good at coining expressions and twisting words! It kind of reminds me of Genesis 3… and the media today encapsulates Matthew 12:34 and John 8:44 in my opinion.

YES, I had a Constitutional right to be there because, as about half of the American population is aware- the election which rightfully belonged to Donald J. Trump was stolen on both the night of Nov 4 and then later in broad daylight over a period of months owing to multiple failures on the part of state supreme courts, the US Supreme Court, Attorney General Barr, and on that day, Vice President Pence, etc. and we wanted to voice our opinion about it.

NO, we were NOT a bunch of dangerous insurrectionists who ‘stormed the Capitol’- the Capitol Hill police opened the barriers and the doors and invited us onto the lawn and a few hundred of us went into the Capitol itself. Many got up on the steps and unfurled the massive American flag pictured while others prayed and still others blew Hebrew shofars. Others were relieved that someone left a few porta-potties on the lawn that we could use and even a few temporary construction cabins to escape the frigid temperature. Some of us out on the lawn were getting strange reports of nefarious activity going on inside the Capitol and that we later discovered was largely caused by Antifa, BLM, and other masquerading ‘actors’ who pretended to be us. These did the most damage and although probably .001% of our crowd did anything wrong, we neither injured nor killed any one.

Ashli Babbitt, a 35-year old Air Force veteran was shot by the police for no apparent reason. Multiple videos show that she was standing in an area that was restricted but made no attempts to pull out a weapon or lunge at the police. President Trump was right in asking why was she killed and no one wants to investigate. Brian Sicknick suddenly became the darling of the media and it was claimed that he ‘was beaten with a fire extinguisher by the unruly mob’. Again, nothing could be further from the truth! I’ve read that Sicknick was sprayed with a chemical bear spray and later died of a rare blood clot of natural causes as reported by one medical examiner, not brain injuries from a blow to the head by a fire extinguisher. This colossal lie (repeated during the last Super Bowl of all places) reminds me of how the Chinese Communist Party then made a great hero out of one fatality they suffered on June 4, 1989 in Tianamen Square, although some 3-10,000 Chinese students and protestors were brutally bayoneted, run over by tanks and gunned down by the CCP. So the Communist Party interviewed the mother of this fallen soldier- how terrible a thing this ‘crazy mob instituted against their beloved country’… let’s not worry about all those piles of innocent, unarmed dead bodies over there- how God hates lying tongues and the act of murder!

Lastly, I must make mention of the large numbers of police cars summoned blowing their sirens and rushing up to the Capitol as though to make arrests…. funny thing was almost nothing happened! No one that I could see from my vantage point was handcuffed and led out to a car- NO one. This is not to say that a few may not have been- one of my female Chinese patriot friends called me on Friday morning requesting prayer since many were going to be detained as ‘domestic terrorists’ by the airlines at the behest of our wonderful FBI.

Disheartened, to say the least, a good number of us cleared out the next day following a curfew called by Mayor Bowser the night of the 6th. The damage had been done; Nancy Pelosi, other elements of the DNC, the Capitol Hill Police, Blantifa and only God knows who else managed, with the help of the corrupt, fake news media to turn the narrative against Trump, us patriots, and the truth. They used it as an excuse not to count the votes and instead certify Biden despite the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud made manifest through statistical impossibilities, a 270-page report from Sydney Powell, forensic audits, clear evidence that the voting machines were hooked up to the Internet, approximately 1,000 whistleblowers coming forward to report gross anomalies, etc.

In the aftermath, this is what we have discovered or at least is heavily rumored: about 4-500 US citizens are being held without bail and against their will in Washington DC by the corrupt Biden Administration. Now I am being told by some people, “Be careful- the FBI has surveillance info of all the people who were there on January 6- they came to my friend’s door to ask him questions.” At this point do you think I even care about the corrupt FBI, CIA, DOJ, and any other alphabet soup entity that was initially formed to PROTECT us Americans and our rights?!

This is absolutely egregious!! I say NO! But rather in the Name and by the Power of the Lord Jesus Christ the Truth of which they are terrified of being made known will take down ALL of these evildoers! And if not, what future do ANY of us have anyway? And also please tell me: What did Bob and the Tuskegee airman fight for and watch many of their comrades die for if it wasn’t to fight tyranny?

My friends, I strongly urge you: be BOLD for the Truth and your Lord. Stand up for Righteousness!

‘Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for Righteousness for they shall be filled!” Matt 5:6

There are many more of us than them, and it is NOW time to take action. Stand against this evil and tyranny. I can’t believe I have lived to see such a day as this- let’s spread the truth and get our country back! If you want suggestions on how to get involved, write me and I’ll send you a number of options you can choose from.

A fellow American and lover of Jesus, the Constitution, and the Truth,


**An update courtesy of Just Patriot at justpartiots.com**
Something really weird is going on with Capitol police officers who responded to the January 6 Capitol Hill riot. The protest, which lasted a few hours and was nowhere near as severe as the riots seen across major American cities last year, has prompted two more Washington, D.C. police officers to kill themselves.

The so-called “insurrection” has been hyped up repeatedly by the far-left press and Democrats, despite the protesters being overwhelmingly non-violent, and yet still we have seen a total of four officers kill themselves in the aftermath of the riot.

What on earth is going on?

Kristen Metzger, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department, said that Officer Gunther Hashida who was a member of the Emergency Response Team from the Special Operations Division was discovered dead in his hope on July 29.

Metzger said that the team is grieving as a Department and that they have shared their thoughts and prayers with the friends and family of Officer Hashida.

Why would four officers want to commit suicide after a reasonably busy afternoon on the job?

There were no terror attacks at the Capitol, significantly less violence than what we’ve seen from Antifa and Black Lives Matter over the last year, and some police officers even purposely allowed protesters into the Capitol Building.

What gives?

Officer Jeffrey Smith, who had spent 12 years on the force, as well as Officer Howard Liebengood, who spent 16 years on the force, also both died by suicide after responding to the riot.

The men have been listed as people who “lost their lives” as a result of the attack, which adds to the false claims that the riot was a deadly insurrection.

Furthermore, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died as a result of a stroke a day after the attack, which the media has wrongly claimed was a direct result of the riot.


With so many officers committing suicide, when officers all over the country have dealt with significantly worse things while on the job, you have to wonder if something dark is going on…

**An update courtesy of Jan Morgan**

Dear Larry,

The Deep State DOJ and FBI finally admitted that they were lying about the mostly-peaceful January 6 protests.

Now, they’re saying that those protests weren’t coordinated by any group.

This is MONTHS after spreading the narrative that “terrorist insurrectionists” tried to “overthrow the federal government.”

And some of those protestors are STILL being held as political prisoners — in solitary confinement in D.C. jails.

It’s long past time to drain the Deep State Swamp and get the corrupt DOJ and FBI in line, and you can help me do that with a generous contribution to my election campaign today.

Sadly, fellow Patriot, very few members of the GOP have stood up for the January 6 political prisoners.

But I have.

Their most serious crime in the eyes of the partisan, corrupt FBI is that they supported President Trump.

That’s why so many of them are still rotting in jail.

Show these despicable Swamp Creatures that you won’t tolerate their evil, Communist Chinese-style persecution of political opponents by contributing to my U.S. Senate Campaign today.

This is an extremely perilous time for our country.

We are teetering on the edge of totalitarianism, and we can’t let the Communist Democrats and their friends in the FBI and the DOJ take one more step forward.

That’s why I’m in urgent need of your support today.

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Thank you in advance for standing with me.  

For America,

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Jan Morgan

Republican for United States Senate

P.S. The Biden Administration and the corrupt DOJ and FBI are FINALLY admitting what we already knew: there was no “coordinated attack” against the federal government on January 6.

Still, American Patriots are being politically persecuted.

Chip into my America First campaign today and show the D.C. Swamp that they’ll be held accountable for their anti-American persecution of President Trump’s supporters